Cleansing Runoff Naturally

This project features four lush Rain Gardens in an executive condominium along Anchorvale Lane.

ABC Waters plants

The Rain Gardens collect runoff from paved areas, such footpaths and roofs. Impurities in the rainwater are removed when it passes through the plants as nutrients uptake and through soil which acts as filter media. The filtered water then flows to overflow weirs (also known overflow sumps) through pipes and then move on to the detention tank at the basement. After that, the water is pumped up to the surface drain at the environmental deck. The now clean water is then discharged to the public drains.

ABC Waters-perforated pipes


During a storm, a 200mm ponded layer of water will be collected in the Rain Gardens. This also slows down the peak runoff that is being into the public drains. When the weather conditions are good, the Rain Gardens are dry and residents are able to enjoy the flora and fauna.

The selected plants have a fibrous root system, which keeps the soil porous and allows the plants to withstand Singapore’s wet climate. Fast growing plants have been planted, while large pebbles and stones can be seen around the batten slope to minimise erosion. Shrubs and low-height plants have been placed within close proximity around the pond to discourage members of public from getting too close to the pond, due to safety reasons.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure that the system works well.