Stamford Diversion Canal

  • Project Name: Stamford Diversion Canal
  • Client: Land Transport Authority
  • Date of Completion: 2015
  • ECAS’ Role: Accredited Checking
  • Project Value: S$51 Million


Provision of Accredited Checker Services for the construction of the 2.2km long Stamford Diversion Canal starting near the Tanglin Road and Grange Road junction. The Stamford Diversion Canal will transfer stormwater from the current Stamford Canal along Orchard Road to Singapore River. The canal will run underneath the roads of Grange Road, Hoot Kiam Road, Irwell Bank Road, and River Valley road before discharging into Singapore River. There will be demolition of the current canal and reconstructed to a wider canal under the Stamford Diversion Canal.