Bridge and Road Engineering

Our bridge and road engineering services assure that high quality and safe infrastructure is in place for the transportation solutions our region demands. With the growth of the country, the roads once built before are now lacking capacity. We work with key entities like authorities, utility companies, and other stakeholders in the widening and extension of roads, and construction of bridges. These projects are closely managed as it involves different stakeholders and has to reduce the disruption to already congested roads.

Our professionals will assist from the design stages to the completion of construction of a project and offer innovative solutions that are cost-effective and optimal for all stakeholders involved. ECAS also has experience in highway interchanges and flyovers.

We have been involved in projects such as the Marina Coastal Expressway and the CTE/TPE/SLE interchange including flyovers and widening of roads. We were recipients of the Singapore Structural Steel Society award for Distinguished Use of Structural Steel for its Creativity, Value, and Innovation, for the Alexandra Arch, an 80 meter pedestrian bridge designed as an open leaf across the road.

Featured Projects