Seacare Hotel

  • Project Name: Seacare Hotel
  • Client: Seacare Co-operative Ltd
  • Date of Completion: 2012
  • ECAS’ Role: Consulting Services
  • Project Value: S$17 Million


Erection of a 16-storey (103 rooms) hotel block and additions and alterations works to the existing 9-storey office tower. Transfer trusses were proposed at the 13th storey to cater for the loads from the upper storey of the hotel building and support the transfer floors. All columns and beams are steel structures in order to reduce the self-weight of the building above the 13th storey.

Seacare Hotel was the recipient of the the Merit Award for “The Innovative, Efficient and Productive Use of Steel Structures in the Build Environment” in the category of Commercial or Retail Structures at the 2014 Structural Steel Excellence Awards.