Springleaf Station

  • Project Name: Springleaf Station
  • Client: Land Transport Authority
  • Date of Completion: 2020
  • ECAS’ Role: Accredited Checking
  • Project Value: S$1.6 Billion


Contract T208: Provision of accredited services for the construction of Springleaf Station and associated tunnels.

Contract 2103AC, provision of accredited checking services for the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), comprises of the following:

  • T207: Construction of tunnels from crossover tunnels to Springleaf Station for TEL
  • T208: Construction of Springleaf station and associated tunnels
  • T212: Construction of Upper Thomson Station and associated tunnels
  • T213 Construction of Caldecott Station and associated tunnels
  • T215: Construction of Mount Pleasant Station and associated tunnels
  • T216: Construction of Stevens Station and associated tunnels

Under Contract 2103AC, work will cover 5 TEL stations.