As featured in the Singapore Business Review:

With two decades under its belt, this newly rebranded homegrown builder looks toward expansion to meet the region’s robust demand for infrastructure.

When one thinks of the engineering business, it is easy to imagine a one-dimension enterprise that deals solely with the main construction process. More successful businesses, however, understand that an integrated approach to the engineering industry is far more effective, especially when it comes to successfully growing and competing in the region and beyond.

ECAS Consultants Pte Ltd is one such company, having always nurtured a reputation for reliable project deliveries whilst addressing relevant infrastructure issues in the region. The company has grown to provide a broader range of consultancy services, with capabilities ranging from bridge and road, building, civil, environmental, geotechnical, infrastructure, mechanical, rail, structural, and tunnel engineering.

Encouraged by its domestic success over the years, ECAS Consultants is now training its sights outside Singapore and looking to meet the robust demand for infrastructure in the region, managing director Er. Chan Ewe Jin reveals.

“Our collective vision is to continue to innovate and provide more efficient engineering solutions to Singapore and other countries as we expand our geographic reach. Now that we have strong roots in Singapore, we can start looking into other areas in our region, especially to countries which are in need of our professional capabilities,” explains Er. Chan, who is also one of the firm’s founders.

Rebranding in celebration of 20 years
This year, ECAS Consultants marks its second decade in the industry as a leading multidisciplinary engineering firm in Singapore involved in design consultancy services, accredited checking, construction supervision, and inspection in both the country’s public and private sectors with a rebranding programme designed to refresh and further cement the company’s identity in the industry.

“We wanted a brand that would address what we have to offer our clients, and at the same time, differentiate us from the bigger firms. Our values are aspects of our business process that we would like to bring forth to our clients, and at the same continue to cultivate amongst our employees,” Er. Chan says, referring to ECAS Consultants’ time-honoured core values of Excellence, Commitment, Assurance, and Safety.

Despite adopting a new branding identity, clients can expect the company’s winning brand of service to remain the same—business as usual, as the saying goes. “Our new brand shows that our roots and values have not changed. We still offer a high-quality service and we are still committed to every job, but it also signifies our adaptability to new times and our ability to grow beyond borders.”

Meanwhile, as an engineering company embarking on an ambitious expansion programme in the region, ECAS Consultants believes in taking steps to harness best practices not just at home, but also abroad.

“As engineers, we have always given great importance to staying current with technological developments and innovations around the world. We participate in important conferences, fellowships, and discussions with key industry players to stay informed. We continue to undergo professional trainings to develop our skills and capabilities so that we may address the current and future needs of the built environment,” Er. Chan notes.

Staying true to core values
Remaining relevant in the engineering industry happens to complement ECAS Consultants’ own thrust to develop its employees’ skills and adequately train them for their respective roles and responsibilities, with the company noting that “our talent pool is crucial to our business; hence it has always been our priority to develop our professional capabilities.”

“We give importance to trainings and we regularly conduct evaluations to check the efficiency and ensure the effectiveness of our human resources. It is important for us to have the right people fill in critical roles for every project we undertake.”

Accountability, which is strongly promoted in the company, is given a premium amongst employees. “Every employee knows his or her role in our success. We encourage everyone to give their best and share the firm’s success.”

At the end of the day, ECAS Consultants believes that the ideals that fuelled its success over the years will continue to be the company’s catalysts moving forward—both here and abroad.

“We aim to exemplify excellence in every job we undertake, commitment to deliver beyond expectations, quality assurance, and safety in our practices. By focussing on these core values, we are shifting our focus to become more service-oriented and to prioritising our clients’ needs in our business approach,” Er. Chan says.

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